Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Teacher" or "Learning Facilitator?"

More and more, the word "teacher" is being replaced by other terms, such as "educator" or "learning facilitator." This just seems to be one more symptom of the not-so-great changes that are taking place in education, including Christian school education.

"Teacher" implies that there is someone who actually knows something and imparts that knowledge to others who do not know it. Of course, that means we have to admit that students don't already have all the answers inside of them, and that wouldn’t be very politically correct.

“Learning facilitator" implies that instead of teaching, what goes on in the classroom is the pooling of ignorance. I guess that is probably true.

In light of this, I can certainly say, “Eye use to kuddn’t even spel “ejukader,” and now eye are wun.


  1. Wow, Ron. You sound so intolerant of modern educational methodology. Absolute truth and thus the idea that one person would KNOW more than another person is as out of style as corduroys. Time to get with the program. We all make our own truth. We can determine our own destiny. Let your anger go. Sing with me. "All I really need is a song in my heart..."

  2. I see your point. Let's all get together and sing "Kum Ba Yah" and lay aside our differences. I need to quit being intolerant, since truth is clearly what each individual says it is. And those "teachers" - so arrogant to think they know more than their students. Those modern "ejukaders" really have it right, don't they?


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