Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Few ot Satan’s Lies

Satan is the father of lies. He tells many lies to young people (and older people, too). Here are a few of them.

· If it feels good, it's OK.

· You have a right to your opinion.

· The world owes you.

· You are a victim.

· It's not your fault. Someone else is to blame.

· God has no right to make demands on you.

· You are your own person. It is your right to do as you please.

· Do whatever is best for you.

· We all worship the same God.

· There are many ways to God.

· Just one time won’t hurt.

· Christians want to take away all your fun.

· God didn’t really say that.

· There is no hell.


  1. I'll add these because I hear them ALL the time...

    That's not my personal conviction. (Uh, okay we aren't talking about playing cards and wearing jeans. We are talking about homosexuality or fornication.)

    Our children need to be salt and light. (So I'm going to dump them into the hands of a heathen for a thoroughly humanistic education but I'm sure they will convert all their friends. Yeh, right.)

    Jesus made homosexuals the way they are so he would never condem their behavior. We are told to love everyone.

    Unions are good. Clearly disproven in Scripture by the fact that the owner hired people at various times of the day for different wages, ticked off workers, and still got to do what he wanted. (hee hee, just kidding, but I do hear that one a lot since hubby is a teacher.)

  2. Good additions. I will add them to my brainstormed list. Could be the basis of several articles.


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