Friday, April 17, 2009

An Easy Read is Not Necessarily a Good Read

"Only the itching of corrupted fancies, the boldness of darkened minds and lascivious wanton wits, in venting new-created nothings, insignificant vanities, with an intermixed dash of blasphemy, is that which I desire to oppose; and that especially considering the genius (if I may so speak) of the days wherein we live; in which, what by one means, what by another, there is almost a general deflection after novelty grown amongst us" (John Owen, The Death of Death in the Death of Christ, page 15).

People don't write or talk that way any more, but it is kind of a shame, because for the most part, people don't write with such depth anymore, either. Believers ought to be reading such books as this, or The Bondage of the Will, by Martin Luther, or other such books, instead of so much of the mindless drivel that is being published today.

An easy read is not necessarily a good read, and a difficult read may well be worth the effort. I had a student tell me that she couldn't read the King James Bible because she couldn't understand the "thee's" and "thou's." What? I think maybe they both mean "you." There are probably better reasons to choose a Bible translation than that. In the same way, many people don't want to read old books by the great theologians of centuries gone by. Isn't it interesting that Shakespeare is still read in schools?

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  1. Ron, we are losing our literacy. Children's books like Treasure Island are now classified as adult literature. Newspapers are dying out. Video blogging is in, txt msging is shwg up in trm paperz.

    What kind of society will we have when no one remembers how to read OR worse the only ones who can read, read "The Shack?"

    Here's an interesting article on "The Twilight of Books."


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