Saturday, April 18, 2009

Losing Our Literacy

Daisy made the following comment on my post, "An Easy Read is Not Necessarily a Good Read." I thought it was important enough to put it here were more people might see it and follow the link she put in it.
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We are losing our literacy. Children's books like Treasure Island are now classified as adult literature. Newspapers are dying out. Video blogging is in, txt msging is shwg up in trm paperz. What kind of society will we have when no one remembers how to read OR worse the only ones who can read, read The Shack?

Here's an interesting article on "The Twilight of Books."


  1. I like that lady. If I wasn't married to her, I would ask her to marry me.

  2. Ellery:

    You sound like a very wise man. I would likewise ask my wife to marry me if she were not already my wife.


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