Friday, March 6, 2009

I Know the Truth

by Dr. Stew Pid Mann

I am really getting sick and tired of people who believe things they can’t prove. It is really getting irritating. This is the 1990’s. People need to get in touch with their inner selves and rely on their own feelings instead of input from outside of themselves. They are so foolish to believe such nonsense.

Let me share three examples. First of all, it is really appalling that people who otherwise seem to have common sense will visit the area around Mount St. Helens, see all of the geological evidence, and conclude that such formations happened in a short time. Anyone with any brains can look at that and tell that it took millions of years. There are even some who claim to have witnessed it forming. What a bunch of liars. And those alleged pictures of the volcano erupting, the mud flows, and so forth. It’s as if no one realizes what can be done with trick photography and computer graphics these days. What a bunch of gullible people to believe in such stuff.

Second, there are the people who look at cars and believe the propaganda and advertising which claims they were manufactured in factories. How stupid can anyone be? I would never believe such a thing unless I were to go to Detroit, if such a place even exists, and see those factories for myself. Obviously, that won’t happen, since I refuse to waste perfectly good time and money on a trip to a mythical place in search of proof for mythical factories. It is as obvious as anything can be that cars were neither designed nor made. They all came from a common ancestor and have evolved to where they currently are today. How else can we explain that all cars have common parts such as engines, tires, windshields, and transmissions? Only evolution from a common ancestor can give a reasonable explanation for this.

Finally, there are people who actually believe that George Washington was a real man who really existed and really did things. They have faith in those outdated, unreliable historical records and eyewitness accounts. They base this belief totally on things outside of themselves rather than on their own feelings about the issue. In this day and age, it is very hard to deal with people like this who choose to live in the dark ages and who refuse to accept the current scientific wisdom. If George Washington really existed, where is the hard evidence? It is obvious that he was created by people who desperately wanted him to exist. I guess they had a need for someone to be the “Father of our Country.”

Don’t get me wrong. Everyone has a right to his own beliefs. I just wish someone would do something to stop these crazies from trying to pollute the minds of our kids.

(Dr. Stew Pid Mann is a Professor of Humanist Studies at Worldly University.)

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  1. I know George Washington really lived because I saw (with my own eyes) a chopped down cherry tree.


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