Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beth Moore

Beth Moore is a well-known Bible teacher who writes Bible study materials and conducts seminars, primarily for women. There seems to be quite a bit of controversy over whether or not her teachings are doctrinally sound. I am not going to attempt to analyze any of her teachings or study materials, because I have no first-hand knowledge in that area. Many report that her materials are biblically correct. I can neither confirm nor dispute that, and I do not plan to read any of her materials or attend any of her meetings. However, I have viewed the DVD entitled “Be Still,” on which Beth Moore is one of several featured speakers. This DVD is clearly an endorsement of contemplative prayer and other emerging church practices.

Pastor Gary Johnson of Calvary Chapel in Hemet, California spent some time with his church’s Ladies Bible Study group and explained why they would no longer be using the Beth Moore series. He has stated that “I felt that it would be confusing to some to support her study while denouncing her embracing contemplative prayer and other practices of the emergent church." His address to the group of ladies is very enlightening and is an example of a pastor taking time to do a very important pastoral duty – that of protecting his flock from error.

Following is a link to a recording of his message to the women's group:

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  1. What Pastor Gary did took a great deal of discernment and a lot of guts. That had to be a difficult decision for him and he had to defend it on principles in the face of much potentially emotional backlash and he did it skillfully with grace.

    And that is what pastors are supposed to do; guard and protect the flock from error and dangerous teachings.

    I listened to the whole recorded message. It says a lot about his pastoral ministry to hear the ladies in his church demonstrate confident trust and loving submission to his authority. It is apparent that Gary has been faithfully teaching good, biblically sound doctrine to his people for a long time.


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