Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fairy Tales

by Ron Livesay

Fairy tales are a part of most young children's lives. Children seem to enjoy fantasy and make-believe. Sad to say, there are some fairy tales which are believed today, even by adults, who then accuse Christians of "believing in fairy tales." The Lord Jesus Christ said, "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32, NKJV). Only those who know Him have a solid foundation of truth for their lives. That is why the teaching of truth is so important in Christian schools. We understand the importance of equipping the minds of children and young people to resist the empty philosophies and "fairy tales" of this world.

Those who reject truth are often very quick to identify Christians as unrealistic and naive. They claim Christians are simple-minded for believing in the Creator-God, the sinfulness of man, the redeeming sacrifice of Jesus Christ, His bodily resurrection, and His second coming. The foundation of each person's thinking lies in his view of origins, so that is where a discussion of such thinking should begin.

Let us picture a hypothetical situation in which a prominent scientist proposes the idea that computers are not made through any organized and logical process; instead, they came into a being through a random process of evolution over billions of years. Obviously, there would be those who object to this teaching on the grounds of common sense or realistic knowledge of how computers are made. These objectors would be ridiculed as naive and stupid, out of touch with the latest scientific discoveries, and brainwashed by old-fashioned thinking. A great effort would be made to stop the schools from teaching the idea that computers are made by computer manufacturers. Severe doubt would be cast on whether computer manufacturers even exist, and some would come right out with blatant statements of "fact" that they do not exist. Schools would ultimately be prevented from even mentioning the idea of computer manufacturing as a theory or alternative model for the origin of computers, and they would be required to teach the evolution of computers as a fact.

In reality, anyone espousing such a belief would be laughed at unmercifully and would not be taken seriously by anyone. However, as absurd as that little story is, it makes more sense than what is actually happening. Computers are complicated. One incorrect keystroke at the wrong time can cripple a computer or an entire network of computers. Erase a key file, and a computer becomes an expensive paperweight until it is repaired by someone who knows what he is doing. It will not repair itself. However, computers are nothing in comparison to the complexity of the universe and all it contains. It is far more likely that a state-of-the art computer network, including software, could come into being and begin working by accident than that the human body could come about by random processes, no matter how many billions of years the evolutionists arbitrarily grant themselves. Anyone propagating the idea that the genetic code, which is found in DNA and unique to each species, is the product of chance rather than intelligent design does not deserve to be taken seriously. The very idea that an information code of such complexity could come into being by random processes is so absurd and so in defiance of the realities of mathematical probability as to be nothing short of idiotic. Anyone holding to such a view deserves the ridicule of the scientific community and of anyone with any measure of common sense.

Undaunted by reality, evolutionists nevertheless continue to insist on the absurd as absolute fact. Never mind that evolution is a mathematical impossibility. Never mind that there is not one shred of evidence for evolution. Never mind that all the evidence points toward a great watery catastrophe, such as the flood of Noah, indicating a much younger earth than the billions of years the evolutionists desperately hope for. Never mind that evolution cannot be repeated, duplicated, or otherwise subjected to the scientific method. Never mind that the fossil record has thousands of major gaps between species which have never been adequately explained by evolutionists. Never mind that cross-breeding of species does not work, and the limited cross-breeding that is successful produces sterile offspring. Never mind that the geological column, so prominently pictured in science books as a proof for evolution, does not exist as pictured anywhere on earth. Never mind that the very idea of evolution violates the known laws of the universe, including the second law of thermodynamics and the law that says spontaneous generation does not occur. Never mind that evolution is patently absurd and defies all common sense. And never mind that the doctrine of evolution calls God a liar.

The evolutionists' doctrinal position remains the same: "Evolution is true. It has to be. The only other option involves God, and that is clearly unacceptable. Anyone who rejects evolution is ignorant and ought to know enough to believe the scientists." The Scripture makes it clear that those who hold to such a position are "willingly ignorant" of the truth. They have chosen to be in a state of unbelief and ignorance because they desperately want God not to exist. The only possible reason to reduce man to an animal is to justify animal behavior without accountability to anyone, especially God. That is why evolution, as a chosen system of belief, is a doctrine rather than a scientific theory.

Evolution is a lie, plain and simple, and it comes from the father of lies, Satan himself. Dr. Henry Morris said, "...there has never been a greater deception in all history than the lie of evolution! The very notion that this mighty and infinitely complex cosmos, with its amazing array of living creatures and spiritual realities, could somehow create itself out of primeval chaos (or even out of nothing, as modern cosmogonists are suggesting) is nonsense of the highest order" (Henry M. Morris, Ph.D., The Long War Against God, p. 256). The very idea of evolution is so ridiculous as to be laughable. However, as bizarre as it is, it is not funny, because of the fact that it is so deadly to the souls of men. It is a doctrine of demons, contributing to the lost condition and eternal condemnation of unbelievers.

So who believes in fairy tales? Is it the Christian who believes God's Word and looks at the grand design of the universe and sees the hand of the Designer behind it? Or is it the evolutionist who looks at the grand design of the universe and concludes that it all came about as the result of an accident? Not really a hard question.

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