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James M. Bramblet Memorial Service

The following bio was read at the memorial service for James M. Bramblet on March 8 by one of his grandsons, James Bramblet, Pastor of Campbell Baptist Church in Campbell, California. It was written by Terry Bramblet, one of James M. Bramblet's sons. The memorial service was held at Lakewood Baptist Temple in Lakewood (Tacoma), Washington.
James Mathew Bramblet
March 2, 1924 - January 25, 2014
Jim Bramblet was born at home near the small community of Kendrick Idaho.  At the time his parents were farming on land owned by his in-laws at a place called Texas Ridge.  Jim’s sister was convinced by her older brothers that he actually arrived in the doctors black bag.
When Jim was 15 an evangelist came to the community and a revival started; including the salvation of both Jim and his future wife Vivian.  As we understand it all of his family was saved except for one older brother who was away at college.  As a result of this evangelistic campaign eventually all three of the Bramblet brothers spent their lives serving God.
After completing high school Jim decided to attend Bible School at Multnomah School of the Bible in Portland Oregon.  It just so happened his future wife had moved to Vancouver Washington, just across the river. While at school he received his Selective Service notice and ended up in the Navy for the next three years.  During those three years, Jim and Vivian were married and their first child was born (Timothy).
After the navy and after finishing at Multnomah Jim and his small family moved to Moscow Idaho to take advantage of the “GI Bill” at the University of Idaho.  During this time two more children arrived (Terry and Janet).  Jim spent his weekends and summers preaching in a little town called Elk River, Idaho.  His plans were to become a pastor or missionary upon completion of school.  God had other plans though.  After graduation he was asked to teach at the Elk River High school, which he did for two years (a fourth child came along, Bill).  God was leading him to think about Christian School education and after the two years teaching in Elk River he was asked to become the principal of a small Christian School in Portland Oregon called the West Hills Christian School.
For the rest of their lives Jim and Vivian would be involved in starting or working with five Christian grade schools, two high schools and one teachers college.
Jim also believed in hard work.  Working with and for Christian schools often meant that he had no income during the summer months.  He would try his hand at about anything, construction, farming, working at a graveyard, and even building rock walls.  One year the whole family worked in the fields picking various fruits and berries.  Sometimes at the schools he was not only the principal but the main teacher, the janitor and the bus driver.
Jim Bramblet was a consistent man of God throughout all of his adult life.  He was the same at home as he was in public.  He loved to serve God and passed that along to his children and grandchildren.  He is survived by four children, twelve grandchildren, twenty-six great grandchildren, one missionary, three preachers, at least one teacher and many home school moms.
Several weeks before Jim died he was talking to some of his children about his future.  Did he want us to have the doctors work to help him get better or should we have them just keep him comfortable.  His first reaction was that he wanted “God’s will”.
We will miss his companionship and his wise advice.  We were blessed to have him as our dad.
…..So that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God. (Acts 20:24)
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  1. It is so hard to see this generation leaving us, though they are being received into heaven with a joyous entrance. Our dear Uncle Cecil just joined them in the last few days. Now we treasure having Mary and Fern, Jim's sisters,
    still with us. May God bless them abundantly and comfort them.


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