Thursday, January 10, 2019

50 Years

I posted this on Facebook on December 20, 2018 as a tribute to my first marriage to my late wife Sue, and also to my marriage to Janet.

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Today would have been my 50th anniversary with my late wife Sue. On December 20, 1968, neither the thought of 50 years going by, nor the thought of her dying at a relative young age was in my mind. When she went to be with the Lord in 2001, I was utterly distraught. The thought of ever getting married again seemed like an impossibility and maybe even a betrayal. Then Janet came into my life in 2003, and I soon experienced in a very real and practical way that the Lord in His love and grace both gives and takes away.

Being married to Janet does not negate the reality of my love for Sue. Likewise, Sue in my past does not negate the reality of my love for Janet. One does not replace the other. The Lord has blessed me twice far beyond what I could possibly deserve. There is no way to explain to anyone who has never been through it what it is like to lose a spouse in death and then have the Lord provide a whole new situation. Neither Janet nor I would have wanted our first spouses to die, but we continue to praise the Lord for His great love and faithfulness to us.

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