Monday, August 12, 2013

Christianity has to be true, because...

A man in my Sunday school class was an atheist only nine years ago. He now is a Bible-believing Christian, and his knowledge of the Scriptures is growing each day. He spoke up in class and said that when he was an atheist, he not only didn’t believe in God, but that he hated this God in whom he did not believe.
He said he finally came to the conclusion that Christianity had to be true, for a couple of reasons. First, he finally realized that the atheistic worldview simply does not work, because he was unable to actually live by what he believed. Without God, there is no basis for morality. Right and wrong are determined by the individual. The ultimate end of trying to live as if God does not exist and as if there is no absolute truth will invariably be chaos. He looked at his own life, and that is exactly what he saw.
His second reason for believing that Christianity had to be true was that as he analyzed world religions, they all, except for Christianity, demanded that humans do something to prove their worth and earn salvation. As he analyzed himself and mankind in general, he saw himself as Paul saw himself, as “the chief of sinners.” He knew he could not possibly satisfy the demands of a holy, righteous God, so he needed a Savior. He realized that Christianity alone offered a virgin-born, perfect, sinless, suffering, and resurrected Savior to pay the price for sin.
There is not much to add to that.

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