Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Indictment – Hosea 4-6

Pastor Jeff Anderson of Grace Bible Church in Colorado Springs preaches the Word of God without compromise. In this sermon, he emphasizes that it is much more important to read and study the Bible than it is to read and study about the Bible. To hear this entire sermon, click here.
“…My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because they have rejected knowledge...My people ask counsel from their wooden idols…”
…True intimacy with God and knowledge of God happens because of knowledge of His Word. Did you know that you cannot have intimacy with God apart from His revelation of Himself in His Word? We’re living in a day when there’s all sorts of mysticism, and everyone’s wanting to draw close to God. They want dreams, they want revelations, they want special “icky pooey” feelings. They want some sort of experience that’s going on, they want to have knowledge of God and intimacy, but they never, rarely do they want to find it in His Word…You cannot know God if you do not know the Bible. If you don’t know His Word, if you’re not reading it, if you’re not memorizing it, if you’re not studying it, if you’re not meditating upon it, if you’re not giving yourself to the study of Scripture, you cannot know God. It’s as simple as that….
…We are living in a day in which there is no knowledge of the Word of God…we are living in a biblically illiterate day…We’re living in a day when people do not know their Bible, and because they don’t know their Bible, it is very clear that we do not know God
…as a nation we have forgotten God to where the Word of God isn’t even preached in our churches…Stop reading Christian books and start reading the Bible. Stop going to all of your Christian book stores and just go to the Scripture and let it permeate every part of you. Give yourself to knowing God through knowing His Word…
For more by Pastor Jeff Anderson, click here.

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