Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Real Source of Evil and Violence

by Kathryn Krummrey, RN
As we Americans awake one more time to another "morning after killings" experience, we must acknowledge some real truths. Evil, violence, and terror are found in the hearts and minds of people, not in the objects used to commit their evil.
In recent weeks and months we have had people hurt, maimed, and killed by various objects. There is nothing inherently evil in household goods that can comprise a bomb, knives, cars, ball bats, in strong arms and hands that are placed on small, weaker bodies of little children, or even in guns. The problem is not with these objects, but rather with the heart, mind and thought processes of the human being using these objects.
All caring American citizens want this terror in our land to stop! We want to send our kids off to school or to public events without the fear of terror and the carnage it can bring to our lives. We want the "old America" back when evil and violence were not invading our shores on a sporadic but regular basis.
So we must look back to what has changed in the heart of our people, our culture, and the way we think. In the last several decades we have changed dramatically in the way we think about the crucial values and morals of our society. In our "enlightenment" we became self focused people rather than family focused people.
Keeping the family unit strong and nurturing the next young generation dropped dramatically on our list of priorities. We sent our kids a message with our new laws and our new trends. Marriages are easily disbanded if it gets too hard. Human beings are only of value if they are wanted. We can also easily get rid of things we don't want and put a nice name on it, like being pro-choice.
We have outlawed the very things that gave stability, strength, and hope to Americans in tough times. Things like the Ten Commandments that told us how to honor God and our fellow man have been banished from our public places as if they were too dangerous for our kids to know. The freedom to acknowledge and call out to our God for his help at our schools was done away... And this is when evil came in to fill this void in our land.
We have raised a generation of people without the influence of God and what He values in their life. This is the true definition of evil; a total absence of God and His loving standards of conduct for His people. Societies of people are not healthy when there is a void in their spirit and soul. They fill this void with self serving evil rather than good for others.
I fear that we could now be on the receiving the end of some of our choices as a nation. Could this be one of the true sources of evil and violence in America? There is hope if we will turn back to the One who offers the real cure. Yet, I fear we may be too progressive and enlightened to do that.

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