Sunday, April 1, 2012


By My Anonymous Friend

Does that heading grab you like it did me? Recently atheists in America gathered for what they called a Reason Rally to "celebrate our belief in reason, science and the power of the human mind"-- according to one of the several speakers at the event. The statement above was one of various slogans and banners that were seen there. A cable news reporter interviewed various attendees with questions like, "What if there is a hell? Are you afraid to go there?" and, "How do you explain the origin of the universe?" When the predictable answer, "Big Bang" was offered, the next question was "Where did the big bang come from?" This was answered by, "You just take it as truth!" So much for reason and the power of the human mind!!!

My initial reaction was anger and sadness. The people interviewed were essentially arrogant and cocky, or so it seemed to me. They flaunted their beliefs (or unbeliefs) as a badge of honor. My anger quickly gave way to sadness however. These misguided folks have no idea what will await them if they continue on the path they are on. I also felt sadness because they know nothing of the incredible love and mercy our Lord demonstrated for them and continues to extend to them every day.

Then I got to thinking about what Scripture says about atheists. In several Psalms an atheist is described as a fool. The Hebrew language has a variety of words to describe those who are unwise. We might think of these words as a kind of heirarchy or scale of foolishness. At the low end of the scale is a word that speaks of someone as simple or just plain silly. At the other extreme is a word that speaks of someone as a madman. The word used by the Psalmist is somewhere in the middle. It refers to someone who is empty or devoid of mind. The word used does not refer to a person who is an idiot, or to one who is devoid of common sense. Rather it describes a person who is morally foolish and one who is blind and ignorant of spiritual matters. Being this way in his heart then leads him to act in very foolish and corrupt ways.

How ironic that I am writing about this on April 1--- a day known in many countries of the world as April Fools Day. Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (1392) is thought by many as the origin of this interesting observance. Others argue that the Iranian day known as Sizdah Bedar (536 BC) where people play jokes and pranks on each other is really the true origin of April Fool's Day as we know it today. Regardless, it is amusing to learn how different cultures observe the day. French speaking people (including French Canadians) as well as Italians, historically tacked paper fish on the backs of unsuspecting victims hoping not to be caught in the act. Often April 1 was a day of pranks and practical jokes. Many times instructions were given to go somewhere for a special event that did not exist. An example is an April Fool's announcement from April 1, 1857 announcing the supposed washing of the lions at the Tower of London pictured below.

April Fools Day is a fairly harmless holiday. I have been the perpetrator of April Fools pranks and I have been the recipient of them as well. It is mostly clean fun and amusement. But the misguided folks at the Reason Rally are another matter all together. Denying God's existence is much more serious. It has eternal consequences. Let us show the genuine love of Jesus and pray for those in deliberate ignorance and foolishness.


  1. The thing that saddens and frustrates me the most is that atheists claim reason and science and are condescending to those of us who believe in "mythology." But, yet they refuse to acknowledge their own superstition and their acceptance of science as absolute truth.
    The basic gimmick is that science can change as new information is revealed. All it really means is that you can change your belief system to fit what ever you want it to fit.
    And when you scratch the surface of any atheist I've met you find a reaction against Christianity.
    It is the second generation that worries me. There are no real values, other than what seems right to them at the time. I've read that I should expect that somewhere.... hmmm...
    Anyway, good post. I agree.

    1. You are speaking in the same broad generalizations you are accusing the atheists of. And sure, science changes as new information is discovered, but religions are in no way static as you well know. Furthermore, values are taught by example, by the parents when children are young. Good or bad.
      I think the reaction you are finding, is not against Christianity per se, but rather against the hypocrisy and corruption in the churches so much in the news today. I doubt you'll find any more atheists than Christians who disagree with the good in the bible's teachings.

  2. Recently I was having a discussion of the difference between the Greek approach of logic and reason and the Christian approach of truth and reason. A quest for truth created the scientific method, which if used properly can lead to truth about creation. Logic is purely subjective.

    Grace and peace.


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