Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cool Things About Being an Evolutionist

If anyone thinks it is cool to be an evolutionist, they should go here for affirmation.

For another article from the same author, go


  1. Yep! And should bright students be turned away from public universities unless they've been fully indoctrinated into evolutionist theory? Should their better-than-their-peers course work be thrown out the window just because it has the word "christian" attached to it? Should parents compromise and allow their children to be educated in fuzzy science simply for the sake of college entrance?

    I can't even count the number of times I've been treated like a dim-witted child by "highly evolved" arrogant adults who think Christians are less-evolved superstitious yokels. It cracks me up.

  2. Daisy... You are right on. It is time for Christians to stop bowing down to the pseudo scientists, the National Geographic Channel, and the godless educators who proclaim that "the debate is over" on homosexual marriage, abortion, evolution... whatever... you name it.

    We need to in some cases ignore them and in other cases actively oppose them. They have nothing we or our children need, and if the truth be known, they are not only ungodly, they are laughable buffoons, regardless of all their degrees. It seems that at times the church is "dying by degrees."

  3. I think we need to be educated in what we believe. It does annoy me when I hear a pansy-... Christian uhming and uhhhing their way through a conversation with an evolutionist who has obviously done their homework. That said, we are not going to win the evolutionist/humanisits over to our side. We need to intellegiently state our beliefs and then realize that their foolish eyes are blinded.


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